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on Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:27 pm
~ Before we start ~

We want to apology cause we yet didn't make the forum rules but untill now.. we've made the rules bellow. So before you create a new topic, etc etc make sure to read this.. it's much important!

1- Never argue while posting a topic or either a topic-reply

2- In-Game rules must be followed on forums as well

3- NEVER post in a topic where you're not involved in

4- Do not be racist towards others, doesn't matter their age (Even if a kid), race, and origin

5- Never ask to be an admin via PM-s towards the high administrators

6- Do not post the topic you want to in a board which doesn't comfort it

7- You aren't allowed to make another forum regarding to the community, otherwise you'll be banned (Unless if discussed)

8- RESPECT every player including admins

9- Do not spam or use caps mainly

10- [IMPORTANT RULE] Do not advertise other links or even server IP-s on this forum, otherwise you'll get a straight ban with no chance of return

11- Any kind of racism or offense to any religion can either get you banned or your post/reply can be deleted.

12- Make sure to tell our staff in game to edit your stats at the forum if you register, this way we can know who you are.

13- Don't abuse any kind of power on the forum, this will either get you kicked or banned.

14- False complaints or reports or appeals will lead to post deletes-repeating this action will lead to a ban.

15- If you don't know what to do, ask a player or staff and read all rules, there will be very low chances of forgiveness if you break a rule without knowing.

15- Advertising any Goods(Real Life Goods) or other things to earn Real money of any currency will lead to a ban.

These are all the 10 rules for now, WE may update any rule if possible therefor make sure to check it daily!

Best regards,
Forum Development Team
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