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In Game Rules Empty In Game Rules

on Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:01 pm
The Server Rules are to enforce that our members will get the best experience from playing on our server. Here at
Gravity Gaming we do want you to play fair and treat each member equally. Breaking any of the following rules will result in punishment, from a short in-game mute to a permanent ban. We expect you to follow the server rules set in this topic.

1. Hacking:
1.1 Any hacking, cheating or something that enhances your performance from other players is strictly unacceptable and may lead to a permanent ban.
1.1.1 This includes any tools or scripts found to be installed, even if not used.
1.2 If you spot a hacker, please use the /report function that is available to you. DO NOT shout it out in main chat as this gives time for the person who is hacking to leave or disable his tools of enhancement.
1.2.1 Failure to report a known hacker may result in a permanent ban at staff's discretion.

2. Chat:
2.1 Any racism or discrimination is completely forbidden (this includes, but is not limited to, religion or country of origin). Failure to obey this will result in a ban.
2.2 Do not spam the server main chat, /ad commands and any other commands.
2.3 If you are roleplaying please use /s where possible so other players won't hear your roleplay and will not get annoyed.
2.4 Please use English only in the main chat. We respect your main language, but please only use it in private chats (whisper, phone chats and similar occasions).
2.5 Religious discussions in main chat may lead to a kick. Repeated breaking of this rule can lead to a temporary ban
2.6 Advertising another server is a bannable offense. This includes copy and pasting the IP of another server.

3. Server Behaviour:
3.1 Any case of random deathmatching is unacceptable and will result in a server kick. If repeated, this may result in a ban.
3.2 Please respect our admins and moderators, they are there to re-enforce these rules, so please respect their decision and don't argue back.
3.3 Parking your car over another player to kill him (Park-kill) is not permitted. However, the event of running someone over (A hit and run) is allowed.
3.4 To remain in your car when wanted, in order to die from the explosion, is considered jail evading and will result in a kick. Repeated offenses of rule 3.4 will result in a ban.
3.4.1 logging off to jail/death evade to protect your car, avoid death, or a jail sentence is still classed as evasion and is still bannable (this is just a specific to stop cri people when they get banned for this.)
3.5 If you have a problem with any player within your time at Gravity Gaming, please use the Complaints Section to file a complaint against that member. It will help Gravity Gaming become a better place.
3.6 Never ask to become an admin, as this won’t help your current situation. Our admins are carefully selected to make sure they are right for the position they have been assigned.
3.7 You may only have one account on the Server. Multi-accounting is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban of all the accounts. If multiple people use the same IP, please state this directly upon entering the server so as to avoid confusion. We strongly recommend not sharing your computer with other players of our server. If you make another account on the server to appeal for an unban, you will be permanently banned.
3.8 Any form for bug exploiting is prohibited. The punishment for such a violation may differ from each situation, and it is up to the admin in question to decide a suitable reaction. This includes using an animation to escape from the /tie command.
3.9 Evading any form of limitations in the scripted rules is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the /givecash time limits.
3.10 No trespassing. If your business or property includes a garden or similar, you are permitted to kill someone if he refuses to leave the area after being warned.
3.11 Do not repeatedly push players' vehicles in the water, to destroy them. If you are caught doing this you will be warned and then possibly banned.
3.12 Do not bunnyhop (Repeatedly jump whilst sprinting) during a chase or RP scenario.
3.13 You are not by any means allowed to escape the law in a train (The only exception would be in RP scenarios) If caught doing this you will be kicked and if caught doing this repeatedly you will get banned.
3.14 You are not allowed to drive by when being a passenger in a parked car as this gives you an advantage to your opponent.
3.15 When in /oskin you must roleplay at all times, failure to do so will result in admin jail.

4. Other:
4.1 You may not talk about anything related to mods (texture, d3d9 and so on). Breaking this rule will end in a 10 minute mute, repeated breaking will end in a temporary ban.
4.2 From now on any religious discussion is banned from both, the server and the forums. Failing to obey this rule will get you banned temporarily/permanently.
4.3 When involved in a roleplay situation, you must NEVER metagame or powergame, failure to follow this rule will result in admin jail.
4.4 During a police chase, you may NEVER use an indestructible vehicle (such as trains, bmx, mountain bike, etc)

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