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[PUBLIC AFFAIRS - ANNOUNCEMENT] Related to the General Chief Empty [PUBLIC AFFAIRS - ANNOUNCEMENT] Related to the General Chief

on Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:02 pm
What is the main issue and what occurred, with what will it end?

[i]Dear citizens. Most of you /do/ know me as the Chief of Police, and most of you do not, however I will describe myself to the ones who do not know me yet until then I'll proceed to the announcements. My full name is Jarvins Frazier Connor, I did change my name once in San Francisco before I travel officially to Los Angeles, what it was? I'm sure if I tell it I'll be well known to the country. Jackson Jason McCurdy, before in the past I had a Deputy whom could proceed my duties at sometimes I require him too. But unfortunately he left in peace as died by a heart attack, may god bless him as he's the only one in my family whom could atleast live and subscribe my life. Almost forgot to tell my age, it's 47 years old. I know I'm an old person but I'll try my best according to the leadership of the Police Department though it's hard to handle and take care on it, after awhile I moved the headquarters of our department to Los Angeles, southest Downton (( Pershing Square )) which it actually made a good look upon our Department since it was improved very well, also I've made a new Deputy. His name is Alex Johnson (( TurboX )), I assigned him as a Deputy Chief as he's a former Assistant Sheriff (( Pretendation RP'ly )) in the east of New York side, I do hopefully mean a good luck towards his awesome job he gave to the department. I think I've said enough about my description as a human living on an  earth therefor I'll successfully proceed to the announcements. Yesterday on the 14th-15th of July, i didn't feel very well after getting the results once I went to the hospital it was totally bad, as a heart attack  appearing to be in my body. I'm now currently in All Saints Hospital taking my treatment which could take around 1-2 week(s) and god knows if I'll survive or not... if so the leadership would be either given to Mr Johnson or the Captain Hamza Khan. All I need is, a wish onwards that. Not trying to beg but I'm trying to get discovered real quick to serve my country, whether if I die my heart will be kept till the end of the world...

If you would like to see me here I'm,

[PUBLIC AFFAIRS - ANNOUNCEMENT] Related to the General Chief IMG_0426
Before the 14th of July, 13 certainly.

Bestest regards,
Jarvins F. Connor, Chief of Police

(OOC: My computer is now broken and now trying to solve the issue occurred, if not so I might leave the server. But as a hint I won't cause I love it, speaking about the server, I'll try my best anyways though Zeph53 granted me perms to go inactive for awhile onwards getting my PC fixed)
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