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[PUBLIC AFFAIRS - ANNOUNCEMENT 2017/07/20] Related to the General Chief

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[PUBLIC AFFAIRS - ANNOUNCEMENT 2017/07/20] Related to the General Chief

Post by Curry on Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:11 am

[b]Hello dear kind citizens/non-citizens of San Andreas! I'm very, very proud to announce and say that I, Jarvins Connor did survive during the heart attack treatment and now on my way back to San Andreas, it will take around 2 days or 1 till I get back as I'm currently in Brazil. Forgot to mention back up that I'm in Brazil and I apologize cause I didn't provide it until now. If you're willing to contact me or either ask about me you may e-mail me at that's all for now and I appreciate your wishes upon my treatment.

God bless America and it citizens!
-J. Connor

(( OOC: My computer is now at the mechanic and will either take 1-2 days until it get fixed, missed you all btw ))

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