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**Procedure Manual Empty **Procedure Manual

on Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:58 pm
*To ensure that Every Officer in the S.A.P.D. is well equipped and ready to take the task at hand. These procedures will be enforced and must be observed.

*When heading out to the field the Officer must carry his Taser, Baton, Sidearm, Handcuffs, Camera, Body Armor, and badge.
Procedures to be followed on Traffic infringements.
-Drunk driving
-Reckless driving
-Driving on wrong side of the road/lane


*Scenario 1 for Officers
**When spotting a suspect with the above offenses either 1 or more. Use the megaphone to communicate with the driver to pull over and give the driver a wanted level of 1 or 2.If suspect complies with the order, immediately pullover and tell the occupants to remain seated approach the vehicle with caution with your gun holstered. However be ready to draw your weapon at all times when necessary. Once you've approached the vehicle you must state that you are an Officer of the law. once you've stated that. Immediately tell the man his Offenses and take out a ticket slip giving him a citation and a fine.

*Scenario 2
**When spotting a suspect with the above offenses either 1 or more. Use the megaphone to communicate with the driver to pull over and give the driver a wanted level of 1 or 2. If suspect refuses to comply hail him again if not follow the vehicle until it is safe for you to attempt the P.I.T. maneuver.
Procedures for firearms and deadly weapons.
Suspect armed with a sidearm. (pistols and similar in size weapons)
Suspect armed with heavy weaponry. (Shotguns and automatic rifles)

*Scenario 1
**Being shot at by any of the following weapons listed above. draw your own weapon of equal force and engage the armed person.

*Scenario 2
**Gun stand off no shot fired yet. although aiming at each other face to face. tell the suspect to put his weapon down and while doing so call for back-up on the radio.

Note: Officers dealing with armed suspects do not fire your weapon unless being shot at first.


Procedures for detainment/arrests
When an Officer is arresting a suspect he/she must read their rights to the individual.(*You have the right to remain silent. * Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. *You have the right to an attorney. *If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you. *Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? *With these Rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?) Once informing the suspect of his rights take him to the cruiser.(Always in the backseat if vehicle has one). and drive the suspect to the nearest police Precinct for Interview.

Procedures for towing a vehicle to impound
The Officer must bring with him a camera to ensure that the vehicle to be impounded is violating a certain traffic rule such as illegal parking. Vehicles that were used in a chase as a get away vehicle are to be impounded. Vehicles driven by drunk drivers reckless drivers are to be impounded.
The Officer must take a picture of the car and tow the vehicle to the impound garage of S.A.P.D. then the officer must report to his Chief and send him the Screenshot for verification and approval.
Entering a building with armed occupants.
Officers must first wait outside of the building covering all exits and calling for needed back up once the building has been sealed off. 2 Officers must breach in together. Once they are inside the 2nd team of Officers outside the building must move in carefully together with the first squad.

Procedures for hostage or kidnap situations.
First Priority is SAFETY for both you as an Officer and to ensure the hostage is not harmed by the suspect. To do this the Officer must have backup, a negotiator and a marksman will be needed.
Step one, Negotiate with the suspect to stall him and allow your marksman to take out the suspect as swiftly as possible without endangering the victim further.
Step two, When the marksman is ready to fire and takeout the suspect he/she must have a clean shot. This must only be done if you have a visual on the suspects weapon and that the person is distracted by the negotiator.

Topic in progress.
Drugs Procedures Coming soon
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