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Great community - Ashamed of it owner [RG] #HailTOD Empty Great community - Ashamed of it owner [RG] #HailTOD

on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:26 pm
Ah, what should I say and react... Viper's totally a mental kid whom didn't even know how to set Administrators and a player as his cooperating-hand.. totally fired me from the admin team and OMT due to abusing, what abusing? I actually helped instead of an abuse ment by backing up organizations.. else the English and behave.. no one actually deserves to be a Management except JeepStuffGuy/TOD; reason? Simply and as seen.. he's the only one praising the community by his hands, no matter what. THE ONLY one whose having knowledge about RP and administration issues, also the one who helped Viper about the script but actually he didn't deserve it at all..... lol, and set a kid as a co-owner while he can't even communicate, ''Dark Minner'' and maybe even ''Sweethard'' whom her/his name is supposed to be Sweetheart... ''demoting'' me to lvl 4 Administrator while I'm assigned by the owner TOD and himself... if you feel like you guys been offended like i did.. feel free to reply here. Although we're going to open a brand new server coming soon, I suggest if you won't play again on RG after reading and understanding this..

My best regards
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Great community - Ashamed of it owner [RG] #HailTOD Empty Re: Great community - Ashamed of it owner [RG] #HailTOD

on Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:37 pm
Server coming back-brand new-maybe even similar to eLg-previous eLg's script.

Admins well-we are recruiting them, the recruitment will require these in their first stages:
1. Inviting players
2. RP Knowledge
4. Administration/Moderation Knowledge
5. Not being a straight up asshole
6. Age of atleast 10, well this wont really matter but-older aged players might understand things better.
7. Friendly from the inside-even if you are a guy who insults players-but being a straight butthurt might get you failed.

Anyways-for your knowledge-PM me or Curry for more info and check out the announcements, this will enhance your knowledge,.

Reminder: The rules will be enforced so-even though we might have very low players breaking a rule can end up with serious punishments, we might merge in with other servers and here is the process-but advice from players will be taken.

1. The other server's forums and server will be shut down.
2. The Staff there-will be tested and set again here, if they fail-they will be a normal player
3. Their owner will be tested, by me, curry and herobrine, if he passes all three of us-he will be set as lvl 6, 2 will be a lvl 5 and if passes only 1 then level 4
4. The players will be given what they had-except for VIP, all licenses and 10 score will be given.
5. Org's leaders of that server will be tested and set again-except for the orgs: "US-MSF(USAF/SAAF), SAPD(with SWAT), TDI(Emergency org).
6. Management-will be tested, except if we already have our own assigned.
7. FB Users will be taken to our FB Page/Group or whatever-and the chat.

That's all for now
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