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New Organization Request Format [In /request(Unofficial)]

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New Organization Request Format [In /request(Unofficial)]

Post by Redux on Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:27 am

If you need your own organization then you can copy the format-make a new post and fill it in, and we will see what happens.

Your In-Game Name:
Your In-Game Score:
Your RP-Name(For the org, as you have to be a little IC atleast):

Name of the Org:
Org Category(Gang, Private Businuess, Public Service(Taxi/Bus) Mafia, Other):
Org HQ Location(A ScreenShot using F8 is alot helpful):
Org Weapons and Ammo: Weap-1: Weap-2: Weap-3: _ Ammo-1: Ammo-2: Ammo-3:
Org Vehicle Names and Amount of Vehicles:
Org Skin IDs(Max 3):
Org Color(Hex Colors only-SAMP Hex Colors are better)
Vehicle Colors: (Only SAMP Vehicle Color IDs)
Additional Basses or Zones(ScreenShots would help better):

A Breif/Small Description of the Org:

Why should we add this org:
Is this org already made?(By this we mean if this org is not in /request but is made by players without the notice of other people):

Name of Leader:
Name of Co-Leader(Not necessary):
Number and Names of Members(Those members that would be instantly added when the leadership would be given:

A small advice would be that make this org without other's noticing it is made Un-Officially out of /request.

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