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hey ! i want to join to army

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hey ! i want to join to army

Post by Ota on Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:41 am

RP-Name:Jack cover

Why do you wish to join SAAF?:to arrest criminals .and it s the org which i have fun .
Why should we let you in?:to help you .

Describe your skill level with:

M4A1: (0/10)
Sniper: (0/10)
Grenades: (0/10)

Define the following:

MetaGaming(MG):Using OOC info IC.
PowerGaming(PG): Using /me commands that makes your character powerful and does actions so the other player cant resist or fight back.

DeathMatch(DM) killing some one with no reason and rp .
RolePlay(RP):Role-Play basically is basically acting. As a player of a Role-Playing server, you need to act as if you was the character in real life.
Out Of Character(OOC): You use OOC for anything which is out of character. Which would be smileys, short terms like wtf, lol, omg, rofl etc.
In Character(IC):Which means the world of your character, and other characters, which doesen't mean the world of the player who plays the characters. You don't use the brackets for IC. The IC chat should be like when you talk to anyone else IRL, without any simple worlds like etc, lol, thanx, ty etc... You get it. Smile


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Re: hey ! i want to join to army

Post by Redux on Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:45 am

Declined-you are blacklisted

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