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SOAP-(S)pecial (O)Perations and (A)ctivities (P)erimiter Empty SOAP-(S)pecial (O)Perations and (A)ctivities (P)erimiter

on Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:04 pm
San Andreas Strategic Command
Special Operations and Activities Perimeter

Operation: JackRabbit
Operation Commander: Curry
Operation Information:

Operation JackRabbit will be started from the Marine Corp's LHD-69. The members of the Operation will and shall be MrCookie, Lily, Curry, GanGiza, Stones. The Operation includes driving to the Las Venturas International Airport and launching STDI (Securing, Taking and Deleting Information) from the Jet. Then heading over to the KACC MAFP (K.A.C.C. Military Aviation Fuel Depot) and Launching STA (Securing and Taking an Area). The members of this Operation will return to the LHC-69 Berlin. All orders of the operation will be given by the General or Overlord-ThatOneDude .


Operation: Weed Cleaning
Operation Commander: ThatOneDude
Operation Information:

Operation Weed Cleaning will be started from LHD-69. The members of the operation will and shall be MrCookie, Lily, Stones, GanGiza, Curry. The Operation includes going in boats to the Military Freighter and then heading to Bayside. Then the members will clean it from any harmful force or thing and return back to LHD-69. All orders will be given by the General or any Overlord(ThatOneDude)

More Operations Coming Soon!
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