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application to SAAF

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application to SAAF

Post by Stones on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:34 am

RP-Name:Stones Askalz

Why do you wish to join SAAF?:to protect San Andreas from criminals.
Why should we let you in?:Becouse need more members to protect San Andreas from crminal guys.

Describe your skill level with:

M4A1: (8/10)8
Sniper: (7/10)8
Grenades: (7/10)5

Define the following:

MetaGaming(MG):Out Of Character actions
PowerGaming(PG):style of interecting with games
DeathMatch(DM):a all versus all match
RolePlay(RP):a play like in real life
Out Of Character(OOC):not being player RP person
In Character(IC):being player RP person


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Re: application to SAAF

Post by ThatOneDude on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:30 am

Declined-Use this format:

In-Game Name:
In-Game Level:
Roleplay Name:

Which branch are you applying for?: (Army, Marine Corps)

Please list up to five previous jobs and references:

Please describe your skill level with guns:
Please describe your skill level in driving:
Please describe your skill level in flying:
Please describe your knowledge of the San Andreas map:

Have you ever been banned?:
If yes, why?:

Please give any additional information that may help our decision:

And next time read the things here:

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