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USAF-Information Center Empty USAF-Information Center

on Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:46 am
United States Armed Forces

Commander-Commanding Officer, SASCOM
Adam Steele

USAF-Information Center Fourst10

General-Cheif of Staff, Marines

USAF-Information Center Threes10


Diana Burnwood

USAF-Information Center Downlo10



Marine Corps

USAF-Information Center Col_ca10


Navy SEALs
USAF-Information Center Downlo10
United States Armed Forces
San Andreas Strategic Command

Our Rules

General Rules
Always follow server rules.
Always follow orders from your senior officers.
USAF equipment should never be used for non-USAF purposes.
USAF personnel may only enforce wanted levels of 5 or higher when police are online. They may provide recon for lower wanted levels, but may not intervene.
If there are no police online, USAF personnel may enforce wanted levels lower than 5. They may use only Patriots and M4 while doing so.
Weapons on aircraft should only be used against criminals of wanted level 6.
USAF personnel are expected to maintain good behavior, even when not working.
Rules may be changed at any time, without notice. It is the responsibility of USAF personnel to keep up to date.

Branch Rules
Each branch will be commanded by its Chief of Staff.
Chiefs of Staff may recruit, promote, punish, and kick members from their branch.
Chiefs of Staff should only modify their branch's members.
Violations of these rules will result in demotion from Chief of Staff or a kick.

Army units are the primary ground units of the Armed Forces.
Responsibilities include apprehension of dangerous criminals on the ground and other military policing operations.
The Rhino should only be used against vehicles or as part of a roadblock checkpoint.
Army units are allowed to use the Humvee(Patriots) and M1A2 Abrams(Rhino).

Marine Corps
Marine units are the elite response units of the Armed Forces
Recruitment for the Marines will be more difficult than the Army.
Responsibilities include assisting Army during ground engagements and taking out dangerous air targets.
Air vehicles should not be used against pedestrians or ground vehicles without permission from a General.
Marine Corps units are allowed to use all vehicles.

Our personnel are paid based on their rank.
Promotions are given based on performance and availability of positions.
Promotions into pay grades that are already filled will not occur.
Transfers to other branches may result in loss of rank

E-1: 1000
E-2: 2000
E-3: 4000
E-4: 6000
E-5: 8000
E-6: 10000  


United States Armed Forces
San Andreas Strategic Command

Our Locations and Equipment
More Coming Soon


This is the Restricted Area. Many USAF personnel choose to call it Area 69. It is our main base in the San Andreas region, and all training will occur here.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-11

This is LHD-069, also known as USS Berlin. It is intended as a forward operating base by the Marine Corps.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-10

This is the FGU-51, also called by soldiers as the Militiary Freighter. It carries weaponry cargo and has anti aircraft Tanks. It is our basic onto Sea and Scouting Base.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-24


The Humvee(Patriot) is our everyday vehicle. Intended for high mobility in challenging environments, it can carry up to four soldiers almost anywhere.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-16

The M1A2 Abrams(Rhino) is our main battle tank. It only seats one, and is best used in roadblocks, and for taking out other large vehicles.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-27

The Ch-46 Chinook(Cargobob) is our heavy lift aircraft. It can carry a large number of soldiers and cargo, and is heavily armored for high-risk insertions.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-18

The Apache-64 LongBow(Hunter) is our main ground-support gunship. With its powerful chaingun and rockets, it can clear a heavily-defended area and provide landing zone cover for larger aircraft.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-31

The VTOL H-69(Hydra) is our main air-to-air attack vehicle. With lock-on rockets, it can take down nearly any other aircraft. In extreme situations, it can also be used against ground vehicles.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-32

The Warthog(Rustler) is our old fashioned air attack and air strike airplane which is used in Sand Dunes and non-building or tree areas. It is very effective against slow or armored vehicles.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-33

The Little Bird(Seasparrow) is the 2nd Air-to-ground and scout helicopter, which it's fast revlolving machine gun it can fire highly rapidly but the shots are weak.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-34

The Raindance is our main scouting and tailing helicopter, which its body straps armor it can take on almost any damage, this also refers to the Black Hawk.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-35


This is the M16A4(M4) combat rifle. With a high rate of fire and large magazine capacity, it is best suited for short to intermediate-range targets.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-36

This is the TMW .308(M24) sniper rifle. It has a long-distance scope for engaging targets beyond the range of other weapons.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-37

This is the M67 grenade. It is used to clear enclosed areas which would be to risky to enter. It should not be detonated near USAF personnel.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-38


This is the main combat uniform for USAF personnel. It should be worn during training and ground combat exercises. [ Skin 1 ]
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-39

This is our pilot uniform. It has special materials and design that keep pilots from losing consciousness during high G-force flight maneuvers.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-40

This is the USAF dress uniform. It should be worn during awards ceremonies and other activities your commanding officer deems necessary.
USAF-Information Center Sa-mp-41


United States Armed Forces
San Andreas Strategic Command

Public Feedback

If you have any feedback (good or bad) about any of our soldiers, we would love to know! Please fill out the following form and post it in a new topic. If you need help filling out the form, please see the example below or ask one of our staff.

Your In-Game Name:
Soldier's In-Game Name or RP Name:

What would you like to report?:

Screenshots or Additional Information:

Good Example Feedback
Your post should look similar to this.

Your In-Game Name: Zeph53
Soldier's In-Game Name or RP Name: Lily

What would you like to report?: This soldier briefly detained me at a roadblock checkpoint. She was very polite and explained the purpose of the checkpoint. After hearing her
explanation, I did not feel as inconvenienced.

Screenshots or Additional Information: Bayu and Ghost were also present, but we did not speak.

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