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Application to SAAF

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Application to SAAF

Post by Hazz on Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:13 pm


Why do you wish to join SAAF?:to protect San Andreas from criminals
Why should we let you in?:because you in need of more members

Describe your skill level with:

M4A1: (0/10)8
Sniper: (0/10)8
Grenades: (0/10)5

Define the following:

MetaGaming(MG):Out Of Character actions
PowerGaming(PG):style of interecting with games
DeathMatch(DM):a all versus all match
RolePlay(RP):a play like in real life
Out Of Character(OOC):not being player RP person
In Character(IC):being player RP person

Addition Information that would help our selection(this is only where you can tell info of this and other servers too):i played war servers a lot so i think i would be useful in this organization


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Reply to Application

Post by Redux on Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:24 am

Declined-The score should be atleast 10-the RP Name doesn't look very realistic. The Definitions were incorrect, the skill level with SAAF guns should be 9 and grenades should be 8 or 7.

As this is an RP Server-War training would do no good. Please try to define more in the "Why do you want to join SAAF" and "Why should we let you in" lines.

Re-apply in 7 days.

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